Venue Information


The conference venue (Kobe Sanda Campus) is reachable by several bus lines from JR Shin-Sanda station, JR Sanda station, and Hotel New Hankyu Kobe Sanda.

From JR Shin-Sanda station to KSC, bus lines 45, 46(Express), and 48 are available. Express buses take about 15 minutes to KSC and other buses take about 20 minutes. The fare is 300Yen.
From JR Sanda station to KSC, bus lines 70 and 72 are available but not frequent. It is better to take a train (3 minutes, 180Yen) to JR Shin-Sanda station and take a bus there as shown above.
From Hotel New Hankyu Kobe Sanda, bus lines 45, and 46(Express) are available. Please be sure that 46 leaves “Century Plaza Mae” bus stop and 45 leaves “Woody Town Chuo Eki” bus stop. It takes about 10 minutes to KSC. The fare is 250Yen. Please check the location of bus stops in the map of page 6.

In KSC, there are three bus stops; Gakuen 3chome, Kwansei Gakuen Mae, and Kobe Sanda Campus Mae, but getting off at Gakuen 3chome is most convenient and cheapest when coming from the city of Sanda. From the bus stop, cross the road and go up the stone steps to the campus. You see the building of School of Science and Technology on the right side.

Getting a taxi is easy at stations and hotels in Japan, but it is expensive. From JR Shin-Sanda station to Kobe Sanda Campus, it costs more than 2,000Yen.

Access to HOTEL new HANKYU

Getting Around on KSC Campus

The conference takes place at the School of Science and Technology. The registration desk is located at the 3rd floor and the conference rooms (401 and 402) for oral presentations are located at the 4th floor. Demo and Poster session is taken place at the 2nd floor of Student Hall II, though its introductory session is at Room 402. Reception on September 19th is held at Student Hall II. Other events; Interactive Media Concert (September 18th), Banquet (September 20th), and Dinner and Noh Play (September 21st), are taken place off the campus. See the detail at the Social Program section.


Coffee & Lunch

Coffee and lunch are provided from Monday to Wednesday. Coffee is served at just outside of Rooms 401 and 402. Lunch is served at the restaurant of Student Hall I in exchange for lunch tickets. Your lunch tickets for three days are found in your conference bag if you are a pre-registered participant. Unfortunately, there is no other restaurant available in or near campus.


Internet room is located near the registration desk on the 3rd floor of School of Science and Technology. Wireless internet will be available in the room. The name of the network is ICEC2005. The detail of network access is given at the registration desk. We do not provide Internet service in the conference rooms to make you concentrate on the talks.

School of Science and Technology


There are a number of different places to eat at moderate prices near Hotel New Hankyu Kobe Sanda as shown below. Please be sure that most places close before 10PM (so the last orders are taken before 9:30PM).


SATY 2-ban gai
1 Gusto Casual Restaurant
2 France Tei Steak and Curry
3 God Mountain Café and Bakery
4 Cervo Italian Restaurant
5 Bamiyan Chinese Restaurant
6 CyuCyu Dessert
7 Ginzan Noodle
8 Nikutenya Okonomiyaki
9 Kakashi Japanese Restaurant
10 Pom no ki Omlet
11 Katsuya Tonkatsu
SATY 1-ban gai
12 McDonald's Hamburger
13 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Fried Chicken
14 Gourmet Piazza Noodle
15 Momo Crepe
16 Mister Donut Donuts
17 Takumi Café
18 Sushifune Sushi
Century Garden Frespo
19 Jyu Jyu Karubi Yakiniku (BBQ)
20 Fujiya Restaurant Casual Restaurant
21 Mawaru Sushi Matsuri Sushi