ODICON stands for Optimization algorithms for DIscrete CONvex functions. We provide simple C codes which optimize discrete convex functions and also an interface of discrete convex functions. We suppose that our codes are called by other programs as a library. When you use our program, you need to implement your discrete convex function as a C code. odicon


We release softwares implementing our proposed algorithms [1].


Implemented subroutines are listed in List of useful subroutine in ODICON.


We join DCP project. We provide web applications there.


Please cite the following paper when you use ODICON.
N. Tsuchimura, S. Moriguchi, and K. Murota (2013): Discrete convex optimization solvers and demonstration softwares, Transactions of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 23, No.2, pp. 233-252. (Japanese [J-STAGE], English [PDF])

Continuous relaxation method for L-convex function minimization is based on
S. Moriguchi and N. Tsuchimura (2009): Discrete L-convex functions minimization based on continuous relaxation, Pacific Journal of Optimization, Vol. 5, No.2, pp. 227-236.
Continuous relaxation method for M-convex function minimization is based on
S. Moriguchi, A. Shioura, and N. Tsuchimura (2011): M-convex function minimization by continuous relaxation approach ---proximity theorem and algorithm---, SIAM Journal on Optimization, 21 (3), pp. 633-668.
Scaling method for M-convex function minimization is based on
S. Moriguchi, K. Murota, and A. Shioura (2002): Scaling algorithms for M-convex function minimization, IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals E85-A, pp. 922-929.

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