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Symbiotic Web

Conventional Web is a one-directional media in which information providers create Web pages and information consumers browse them through Web browsers. Recently Web is becoming a bidirectional media in which users collaborate with each other to create Web contents like Wiki's and blogs. We are aiming at developing a next-generation Web called "symbiotic Web" in which agents can participate in creating Web contents.

KawaWiki: Semantic Wiki where agents and human users collaborate

KawaWiki is a Wiki where agents and human users collaborate to create contents by using Semantic Web as the common language. It provides functions such as automated updates of Wiki contents, automated insertion of contents from external Web sites, and consistency checking.

Kensaku Kawamoto, Yasuhiko Kitamura, and Yuri Tijerino. KawaWiki: A Semantic Wiki Based on RDF Templates, Intelligent Web Interaction 2006, 2006.

Language Grid

Language Grid is a platform on which various language resources on the Internet are available by interconnecting with each other. We are developing inter-cultural collaboration support systems by using Language Grid.

Web infomation integration using character agents

By a rapid growth and spread of Internet, World Wide Web becomes a social infrastructure that supports our daily life. The users range from computer experts to novice ones such as children and aged people, and it is required to develop user friendly Web interfaces that everyone can easily use. Another problem of the Web technology is the fact that related pieces of information are distributed in a number of sources, and it is required to develop technologies to integrate the distributed information sources to make them work together. We are developing Web information integration interface using animated character agents.

Yasuhiko Kitamura. Web Information Integration Using Multiple Character Agents. Helmut Prendinger and Mitsuru Ishizuka (Eds.), Life-Like Characters: Tools, Affective Functions, and Applications, Springer-Verlag, 295-316, 2003.(Online Material)

Cooperative cooking recipe search engine: Venus&Mars(V&M)

V&M assists users in retrieving cooking recipes by cooperation of multiple agents with specific knowledge. For example, to a query "show me a cooking recipe that is good for recovering from cold," the health agent (on the right) replies "pork is good for cold" and the recipe agent (in the middle) retrieves a recipe with pork from Internet.


Yasuhiko Kitamura, et al. Interactive Integration of Information Agents on the Web, Cooperative Information Agents V, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2182, Springer-Verlag, 1-13, 2001.

Competitive restaurant recommendation system: Recommendation Battlers(RB)

Each character agent in RB collects information from its own inforamtion source and recommends restaurants in a competitive manner. Each agent has a specific strategy concerning the price and the location of restaurant and updates it through interactions with the user.


Yasuhiko Kitamura, et al. A Competitive Information Recommendation System and Its Behavior. Cooperative Information Agents VI, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2446, Springer-Verlag, 138-151, 2002. (System Innovation Award Paper)

Genesys: a Web information integration system in 3D virtual space

Genesys is a system to integrate Web information in VKSC (Virtual Kobe Sanda Campus) that is a 3D vitural Kobe Sanda Compus in which agents guide users around there. It automatically updates VKSC and the behavior of agents according to Web information concerning weather, calendar, and lab information.


Yasuhiko Kitamura, et al. Toward Web Information Integration on 3D Virtual Space. ICEC2005, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3711, 445-455, 2005.
Yasuhiko Kitamura, et al. XML-based Markup Language for Web Information Integration in 3D Virtual Space, Proceedings of IAT2007 - Workshops, 2007.

Last Update: January 8, 2008